Gay sleep creep pushing his cock in a warm mouth

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An ethnic man is taking a rest alone in his home after a long day of working at the construction site. When he got him he forgot to lock the window and that is a mistake he will never forget to make again. This white sleep creep spotted the open window from the street, as he was walking home drunk and horny and looked inside to see the man sleeping. Now was his chance to jizz a load of cum, so he crawled into the window and took his clothing off. Making sure not to alert the guy in his bed, he climbed onto it and pushed his cock into the warm mans mouth. Pulling out he squirts and his cum all over his face, then the sleep creep exits the house before the guy wakes up.

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Don’t drunk to much when the gay sleep creep is on the way

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Unbuttoning this British lads shirt and pulling down his boxers, the older sleep creep who went to the football with him earlier is about to take advantage of his nude body. As you know the English love to drink a lot and this young twink could not handle all of the booze. Now he is all alone and the older male that he thought was his friend and would look after him, now is planning to do deviant things to his body. Flipping the drunk boy over and putting a pillow under his chest, he raises up his backside and gets ready to insert his cock. Wanking himself off and getting nice and hard, the sleep creep with one smooth action, gets his cock deep inside and starts to fuck the boy.

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gay sleep creep plays with the boy’s pierced nipples

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A cute man was lying asleep in his bedroom, unaware that a sleep creep boy had snuck into his room. Slowly pulling down the bed sheets, this is done to expose his cute, naked body and to not wake him up. The man’s waxed chest is smooth to the touch as the intruder’s hands gently slide over it. Stopping to hover over his nipples, they are nice and erect from the cold, as the bedding has been removed. The sleep creep is also excited as they are pierced, his favourite, as he gets closer to nibble on them and to taste it with his soft lips.

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Gay sleep creep sucking straight guy

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Gay sleep creeps don’t just target other gay males that are sleeping, drunk or unconscious. They really love having their way with other straight guys. This gives them the biggest sexual thrill, as it will be the first time in a lot of cases that the victim will have sex with another male. This sleeping beauty lying in bed is just begging to have a cock rammed down his throat, then to be rolled onto his side and take it up the ass. The sleep creep gets into bed with him and uses the boys hand to jerk him self off. He is also very generous as he takes the boys penis into his mouth, slurping and sucking him to erection. If only her were awake to see what was going on, who knows, maybe he would even enjoy it.

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Straight boy face fucked by the sleep creep

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Rubbing his hot cock all over this boys face, he gets even more aroused and wants to stuff it all the way in. But being a sleep creep and having sex against some bodies will, you have to be careful and always ensure that you do not wake them up. Gently with his fingers he preys open the boys mouth and pushes his jaw down. Next very carefully the sleep creep slides his stiff penis into the open hole and pushes down. From the outside you can see the lump moving up and down his throat as he has his way with the cute guys mouth. He can’t take the feelings of pleasure for very long though and soon squirts his juicy load of spunk inside the man.

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