Perving gay sleep creep can’t wait to fuck the straight boy

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Pulling, tugging and stroking on his hard penis, this sleep creep is perving on a sleeping boy alone in his bed. Quietly pulling down the doover to get a closer look, the dirty old man is surprised and excited to see that the young lad is sleeping naked. The sight of his soft white teen skin arouses him and makes his cock harder. Dripping with pre cum this sleep creep just wants to taste him, so getting down onto his knees he crawls across the bed and snuggles up behind him. Putting his arm over his body his wandering hands explore his body, probing his mouth and anus all while continuing to jerk and masturbate his cock.

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Gay sleep creep masturbating himself and his friend

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A cute teen sleep creep invites his friend over to his home to drink some beers and watch the game with him. They are having a great time together, laughing, telling jokes and getting drunk. His friend is tired and asks if he can take a nap on his bed and he says yes that’s ok. Passed out drunk on the bed, his pal can now take advantage of his body. Pulling his cock out of his pants, the sleep creep begins masturbating both himself and his friends cock too. They are both nice and stiff and they both manage to cum at the same time. His friend stirs and beings to wake up so it’s a mad rush to clean up the mess and not leave any evidence behind!

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House cleaner sleep creep fucking his boss

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The male house cleaner was doing his job as he always does and this time his man boss was at home. Normally he is out at the office or running some errands, but today he was having a nap in the lounge room. The horny sleep creep, who loves to prey on males while they sleep, wondered what it would be like to fuck his male boss. Now that he was given the opportunity on a golden platter, only a fool would knock back the chance. Pulling out his big erect cock, the sleep creep masturbated right into front of his boss, knowing that at any moment he might wake up and fire him. His boss has such a pretty mouth that he just cant wait to push his cock inside of it and let him get sucked off.

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Gay sleep creep push his huge cock into the victims mouth

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With his pretty little mouth held open by the sleep creeps powerful left hand, his right hand guides his throbbing large prick into the sleeping victims mouth. Getting a blowjob is always a great thing, but getting one from a cute boy that doesn’t know you are doing it, that’s even better! The sleep creep continues to push his throbbing hard cock in and out of this cute lads mouth and during the 10 minutes that it takes for him to release his sticky load, the boy doesn’t even wake up once. Before he leaves he removes the guys boxers and takes them with him as a souvenir.

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Black gay sleep creep doing a white ass

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The older black man is a sexual sleep creep and that means he loves to have sex with other gay men that are sleeping. Even better then having his way with sleeping or drunk black men, is doing the same thing to white boys. They have much tighter asses and their soft white skin only makes his cock harder. Interracial gay sex is a rare thing, so that when the opportunity comes along, you must grab it with both hands. Using his strong black hands to spread wide open this young white boys butt, the sleep creep spits a large chunk of white phlegm into his open anus before pushing his big black cock, deep inside the dark hole.

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